Scholé Sisters of New Mexico is a group dedicated to the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness through the ancient practice of Scholé, or restful learning and contemplation. We aim to create a peaceful atmosphere where minds can be fed on good thoughts; hearts can be filled with truth and friendship; and world weary souls can be refreshed.

Together we will learn to cultivate the things that make a life well lived. Through the cultivation of attention, contemplation, giving thanks and deep relationships, Scholé Sisters of New Mexico aims to restore the culture that our frenetic lifestyles are robbing us of. We will flush out the deep things that call to each of our souls, as we learn to craft beauty in our homes, teach our children, keep lovely records of our thoughts, study nature, explore the arts and read good books. In community, we will build strong, lasting bonds as we explore the art of real companionship, cultivating in each other sisters who know each other deeply.

If you are a world weary traveler on the path of life, we invite you to stop here, reset a while and savor the precious things. Refill your jar, refresh your soul and gain companions for the road. You can also join our live group, discussions and events through our Facebook Group and email. Please contact us if you would like to join.