Welcome to the Scholé Sister of New Mexicco blog.  Join us here to learn about the ancient practice of Scholé and how we are implementing it in our lives. Here we will reflect on the books our group is reading; give you plenty of tips on how to Scholé; share our latest projects; and hopefully add some whimsy and beauty to your day. If you are unfamiliar with us, or the practice of Scholé, please visit our about page for more information. If you are not already a part of our group, we welcome you to join us. Please contact us to be added to our Facebook Group, or connect with us through email for more details about events and meetings. You can also join us from afar, if you are not local to New Mexico, by commenting here or joining in the great conversations we are having on Facebook. Here’s to living a deeper life, steeped in beauty, truth and goodness.